About Us

Since 2005, Mac & Co. has been a pioneer in providing eco-minded waste water management solutions for the commercial and municipal sectors. A proud Canadian company, all of the products used in our solutions are manufactured in North America and use state-of-the-art microbial technology.

Mac & Co. is committed to providing clients with all-inclusive solutions that combine environmentally responsible products and expert service to reduce or eliminate problems associated with fat, oil and grease (FOG); sanitary sewer overflow (SSO); and biological oxygen demand (BOD).

  • Our commercial solutions combine grease trap and drain line management with food service and housekeeping cleaning solutions.
  • Our municipal solutions make it easy to maintain sewer system infrastructure and reduce the burden on waste water treatment plants.

Our biological formulations digest FOG upon contact with food source and create by-products of water and carbon dioxide. They are free of enzymes, emulsifiers and surfactants that can damage infrastructure and harm the environment. By expediting the natural biodegradation process, our approach virtually eliminates the need to pump or hydro jet organic FOG and SSO waste. This results in substantial long-term capital cost savings while benefiting the environment.

As an independently owned and operated organization directed by Len Mackenzie, who has over 20 years experience in waste water treatment, Mac & Co. has experienced notable, steady growth since its incorporation.