"Like many busy hotels and large establishments, over time we have experienced our share of waste water challenges associated with a buildup of fats, oil and grease matter. Since working with Mac & Co we have been impressed with the short term outcomes including the elimination of unpleasant odours, reduction in pumping and drain line maintenance costs as well as feeling good about our positive impact on customer service and the environment. Mac & Co. delivered on their promise to provide excellent service and product performance – which provides us with real peace of mind."

Dale Asselstine
Maintenance Manager, Ramada Hotel

Case Studies

Food Manufacturer Saves $30,000 per Month:
Mac and Co. Services Reduce Sewer Use Surcharge Fees

A food manufacturing facility was experiencing high levels of fat, oil and grease (FOG)
as well as high levels of biological oxygen demand (BOD) in their sewer lines. This
was contributing to a foaming problem at their municipal sewage treatment plant,
which is managed by the Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA). As a result of having levels of FOG and BOD output that were beyond the acceptable limits set by municipal bylaws, the food manufacturing facility was paying the city a monthly sewer use surcharge of over $30,000. The line was periodically hydro-jetted to remove FOG
build up...read more

Busy College Campus Saves Money and Reduces Drain Blockages:
Mac & Co. Services Solve and Prevent Waste Water Issues

Having a busy college campus bustling with students and members of the public, Loyalist College experienced some issues with keeping their kitchen grease traps
clean and functioning properly. Prior to working with Mac & Co., Loyalist relied on the traditional and reactive method of pumping fats, oils and grease out of their traps when issues arose. Pumping was a costly treatment that would temporarily address the flow problem; however, it would not prevent the grease traps from becoming clogged in the future...read more