"Mac & Co. provides service and maintenance of the sanitary drain systems in our busy kitchen areas and a number of washroom facilities at Loyalist. With over 3000 full-time students and a number of visits from the general public, Mac & Co. have always kept the best interests of the College in mind while carrying out their services, and I would personally recommend their services to anyone."

Grant Brummell
Supervisor / Facilities Services
Loyalist College

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Commercial Solutions

Using safe microbial formulations, our commercial solutions keep drain lines and grease traps free from blockages and odours caused by fat, oil and grease (FOG).

Traditional maintenance methods have a number of issues

  Grease Trap Pumping Hydro-jetting Harsh Chemicals
Reactive Solution
Bad for the Environment
Relocates the source problem
Potential sewer surcharge fines
Damages your infrastructure  
May require shut down your facility    

The Mac & Co. proactive approach treats—and prevents—FOG build-up

Eliminate or reduce blockages using safe microbial formulations that begin consuming fat, oil and grease instantly upon contact with food source:

  • Reduce maintenance costs.
    Eliminate or reduce the need for expensive pumping, hydro-jetting or use of harsh chemicals.
  • Eliminate or prevent sewer use surcharges.
    Reduce the amount of FOG in your effluent entering municipal sewer lines.
  • Protect the environment.
    Transform FOG into water and carbon dioxide without creating any harmful by-products.
  • Create an integrated cleaning system.
    Complement the drain and grease trap solution with our food service and housekeeping cleaners and degreasers.
  • Receive expert service and support.
    Ensure your infrastructure is properly maintained with our all-inclusive service program.

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