"We work with Mac & Co. to reduce FOG in our gravity flow line to our aeration basins. We have found the treatment to have positive results with the reduction of FOG. Prior to using this service it was necessary to use a vacuum truck to clean out this channel on a monthly basis, but since working with Mac & Co. we have eliminated the use of the vacuum trucks to keep this channel free of FOG. We have found the service levels of Mac & Co. to be of great value."

Al Walsh
Supervisor Sewage Treatment Plant at Municipality of Port Hope

"We have worked with Mac & Co. to treat a problem sanitary sewer for the past year and I have found the solution to work well in our mains and manholes. Greasy build up that used to cling to the benching and walls has been noticeably reduced and the service Mac & Co. provides has been great. Our treatment staff have also noticed an improvement in the downstream lift station."

Doug Schoenhals
Water/Wastewater Superintendent, City of Quinte West

Municipal Solutions

Controlling the build-up of fat, oil and grease (FOG) in sewer lines using traditional methods can be difficult. Pumping, hydro-jetting and harsh chemicals are expensive and can damage the sewer infrastructure—and these methods do not resolve the problem at source.

The Mac & Co. proactive approach

Our proactive bioremediation solutions treat—and prevent—the build-up of FOG in drain lines, grease traps, manholes, lift stations and sewer lines. The sewer lines are used to pre-treat waste water, which reduces biological oxygen demand, noxious odours, foaming issues and organic loads entering waste water treatment plants.

  • Reduce maintenance and contractor costs.
    Reduce or eliminate the need for expensive pumping, hydro-jetting or use of
    harsh chemicals.
  • Protect the environment.
    Our formulation contains no enzymes, emulsifiers, surfactants or degreasers.
  • Treat the cause instead of the symptom.
    Transform FOG into water and carbon dioxide with our biological solution.
  • Reduce treatment plant costs.
    By reducing the loads entering waste water treatment plants, energy costs and machinery repair and replacement costs are greatly reduced.
  • Receive expert service and support.
    Our full-service program ensures your infrastructure is properly maintained.

Your partner for waste water treatment

Our team of technicians will analyze your current scenario and work with you to develop a custom solution. We make sure your sewer system is well maintained and issues with FOG, suspended solids, biological oxygen demand and foaming remain under control.

  • Analysis and assessment.
    Your current maintenance procedures and costs will be analyzed and we will develop a custom solution with estimated cost savings.
  • Initial treatment.
    One of our technicians will set up and begin your new waste water treatment plan based on your custom solution.
  • Monthly maintenance visit.
    Working with your maintenance team, one of our technicians will inspect the sites and replenish the treatment solution as needed each month.
  • Monthly results report.
    We will provide a monthly report to demonstrate results.
  • Source client identification.
    Optionally, we will work with you to target source clients that could benefit from our treatment options.

Contact us today for a quote on a customized, all-inclusive package that will meet your waste water treatment requirements.

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