The Benefits of Treatment

Mac & Co uses microbial and chemical free treatments in combination with food screening technologies to help clients manage FOG and food waste at source. This is a major part of Ontario's Food and Organic Waste Reduction and Recycle Plan. A cost-effective way to reduce the environmental impact of any facility, commercial kitchen or collection system.

Focused on creating and maintaining healthy microbial processes, Mac & Co's treatments and services keep grease traps, drain lines and pumping stations flowing on a continuous basis, avoid harsh chemicals that can corrode pipes and support the continuous break-down of organic compounds like starches, fats, oils, grease and sugars.

Mac & Co's monthly service program, all natural products, and in-depth knowledge of waste-water systems allows our clients to improve their infrastructure, meet sewer-use compliance, and reduce FOG build-up within their facilities, factories and collection systems. 

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Improve Infrastructure

Conventional pumping and chemical treatments can damage Municipal and Commercial sewer lines.  

Mac & Co's. microbial treatments and regular monthly service regime consumes FOG  by converting pollutants into carbon dioxide and water. This process provides a bioremediation solution that treats - and prevents - the buildup of FOG in drain lines, grease traps, pumping stations, and sewer lines while reducing BOD, COD, TSS, SSO, Phosphorous, emergency calls and most importantly the quality of the waste water effluent  entering the municipal collection system.

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Sewer-Use Compliance

Mac & Co's. microbial treatments support the continuous breakdown of FOG, BOD, COD, and TSS and improves the quality of the waste water effluent entering the Municipal collection system.

This process greatly decreases the costs associated with by-law infractions and helps improve Municipal sewer systems by reducing the FOG loading from individual facilities.   

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Reduce FOG

By reducing FOG build-ups and waste diversion Mac & Co's microbial treatments can greatly reduce drain back-ups and overflows, decrease hydro-jetting, pumping and haulage fees, BOD, COD, TSS and virtually eliminate work place odours caused by organic waste.