Commercial Sector

Who we Serve:

Mac & Co. provides waste-water management solutions to a wide variety of clients across Eastern Ontario's commercial sector including hospitality, major hotel chains, college campus, hospitals, international airports  and property management companies.

Our Service Model:

Our monthly service program focuses on treating facility effluent at source, improving the longevity of existing collection systems, decreasing costs associated with sewer-use compliance infractions, and reducing our clients environmental impacts.

Mac & Co. uses a three tiered approach to create custom waste-water solutions that respond to the unique needs and facilities of each client.

  1. Divert Waste: Identify major sources and sites of FOG contamination and use organic waste-collection technologies to prevent excess FOG from entering the collection system.
  2.  Treat Waste On-site: Install and manage microbial treatments in drain-lines, grease traps, lift stations and sewer collection to allow for the continuous break-down of FOG, BOD, COD, & TSS on site. 
  3. Recycle: Recycle excess food waste created on site through various programs.

The Mac & Co. Advantage:

By utilizing this three tiered approach Mac & Co. helps each of our clients improve their infrastructure, meet sewer-use compliance, and reduce FOG build up from entering into collection systems.

The case studies below illustrate the value of the Mac & Co.


Commerical Case Studies

Loyalist College- Case Study (pdf)


OMNI Healthcare- Case Study (pdf)