Our Products

 Mac & Co. uses a range of products in order to provide custom, chemical free solutions for grease traps, drain lines, and lift stations. All our suppliers and products are proudly North American.  

Product List

PRO- BAC Microtab

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A dissolvable bacterium based product that releases grease eating bacteria in sewers, manholes, and lift stations. CFIA approved.

PRO-BAC Cartridge


A specially designed injection system that allows for the controlled release of grease eating bacterium into drain-lines, grease traps and lift stations. CFIA approved. 

PRO-BAC 5 Gallon Solution


A dissovable microbial concentrate that can be diluted and used to add grease-eating bacterium into kitchen grease traps and drain-lines.  CFIA approved.



Naturally scented high count microbial treatment for grease traps and drain lines. CFIA  approved.

Bio Plus


A liquid microbial concentrate that supports Mac & Co's microbial programs while cleaning sinks, floors and bathrooms. Breaks down urea salts. CFIA approved

Citra Solve HD


 A natural  cleaner and De-greaser made of concentrated citrus oils. For use on hard surfaces where food is processed.  CFIA approved.

Citrus Clean GT


  A highly concentrated Citrus based de-greaser used in pumping stations and municipal applications where there is high level of odour caused by organic build up. CFIA approved

Fast Flow


 A specially designed bacterial gel used to prevent grease clogs in sinks and drain lines.



 A highly concentrated citrus oil cleaner used to breakdown organic sediment and debris in lift stations, wells, and grease traps.  

Urinal Wise


Concentrated cleaner that keeps urinals flowing.

Food Receptor


Under sink food waste receptor for coffee grinds and food waste scraps.

Viking Pump


Microbial injection pumps to maintain consistent feed of microbial treatments.