The Mac & Co Advantage



Since 2005, Mac & Co. has become Eastern Ontario's leading, full service, waste-water management company. Focused on reducing the environmental impact of our clients, Mac & Co uses biological and mechanical solutions to divert waste from drain lines, treat waste on-site and reduce sludge-haulage pollutants and capital costs. 

Our goal is to help create a circular economy by eliminating FOG and food waste at source by utilizing the latest in microbiology, bio-augmentation, and food diversion technologies, thereby greatly reducing the environmental pollutants in landfills, Municipal lines and treatment plants.

A proud Canadian company, all of the products used in our solutions are manufactured in North America and use state-of-the-art microbial technology.

Our full-service preventative maintenance strategies help our clients: improve infrastructure, achieve sewer-use compliance, reduce FOG associated with the build-up of organic waste in drain lines, grease traps and pumping stations, limit labour expenses and hydro-jetting costs, and lower BOD, COD, TSS, SSO, and Phosphorous levels.

This is the Mac & Co. Advantage.

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